Marina Bay and Singaporean Extravagence

Holistically, Marina Bay Sands and the greater Marina Bay area is a true manifestation of the ideals of Singaporean government. In its entirety, the area is a bold, excessive yet utterly spectacular concession of the countries growing prosperity and foreshadows the countries future. In stark contrast to Little India and the country’s more socioeconomically unstable territories Marina Bay is lavish and inherently affluent. Gardens by the Bay in Marina City Park are comprised of two extraordinary observatories, which in conjunction with the surrounding greeneries advertise the flora of global ecosystems. Other than the undeniable revenue created from tourism and the extravagance of the structures, no practical assumption can be made as to why the Singaporean government built the observatories other than “because they can”.


This underlines my view of the city as a whole, and is prevalent in the expenditures and architectural brilliance around each of the city’s corners – albeit these corners are separated by 5-lane, one-way roads. The state executes both public and private transport in style – an impeccably timed MRT system softens the impact of journeys in the seemingly perilous. Privately the consistency of wealth across the population is evident in the quality of their cars. Typically, it is not uncommon to see an array of Mercedes-Benz followed by an Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini or Ferrari. This theme permeates the Marina Bay Sands shopping complex in which the brands of highest quality, and price for that matter, fill the center. 

As an observer, the profligacy of the city’s corporate and commercial architecture and the manner in which the general public approaches it is a testament to the financial status of the nation. It seems, despite the apparent and ubiquitous control and monitoring of the government on the community the nation exists in a state of ever-growing wealth –prompting the assumption that the current parliament are successful in their endeavours. 



– Trey Guest