Time for Lift off

I don’t have a history of travel really. I’ve left the state maybe twice in my life and prior to going to Melbourne for University had never really spent more than a day away from home (Warrnambool, Victoria, it’s a smallish coastal town) . Spending two weeks in Singapore is, probably going to be the same as moving to Melbourne for the first time.


The disorientation of being unsure of where a station is, figuring out how to use the public transport, knowing where to get off and where not, unfamiliar streets to walk up, not to mention all the different sights, sounds and smells. Once I’ve acclimatised to the culture I can’t wait to be able to just sit back and be able to soak it all in and appreciate it for what it is rather than having to worry about what I’ve got to do next.


That being said I’ve heard Singapore is one of the cleanest countries/cities going around and it wouldn’t be a hard task for it to beat Melbourne. Singapore is meant to be known for the many Asian cultures that have come together on this island forming a great community that most importantly, (well to me anyway) are meant to make amazing food. The one downside of Singapore that every one seems to fixate on is the heat and humidity, generally the heat doesn’t bother me, but that could just be because Warrnambool gets only maybe 4 days of over 30 degrees in a row before a cool change or a storm comes through to cool everything down. Worst case scenario i guess i live under the AC.


Packing for this trip I encountered an interesting thing, weight limit for planes. Normally you’d just worry about “do I have enough undies and socks” or “did I pack that charger?” However when packing for a pane trip you find yourself thinking “do I have too many undies and will my case be over weight?” An added issue I found for packing for Singapore was me being able to see my case. Here’s a tip for everyone out there, if there is a storm the day before you leave and you haven’t packed yet, DO IT IN THE DAYLIGHT. Don’t think, I’ll pack later on once I’ve had a chance to charge my laptop and other electronics. Just do it. It’ll save you from packing at 1 in the morning and only getting 4 hours of sleep before needing to go to the airport!