The day before the flight

The day before the flight was a mad rush to get prepared. I had physics exam, today on the 24th and the flight was tomorrow at 9:45 am. This was leading to feelings of anticipation mixed with dread because study for physics had eaten up any time I had the previous week. I was therefore forced to postpone any Singapore preparation until the day before i left. However as i finally have packed all my clothes and take some time to sit and start looking forward and anticipating what i might encounter in Singapore, I am left feeling completely unprepared for the journey i am about to undertake. there are so many things that i do not know about; the cultural norms, the food, and the possible places to visit. I will hopefully use all tonight to search about the thing is expect to encounter.

I have however talked to a few people who have already visited Singapore. These people have told me that i should expect a clean urbanised country that has extremely cheap food. They have also told me that the the public transport is extremely efficient. Due to these initial opinions, i have a mental picture of a country that is not dissimilar to Melbourne central although I expect that Singapore will be much more spread and the island will be almost completely covered by tall buildings. I have started to form an idea what i believe singapore would be like, it will be interesting how this changes when i get there.