The day before departure 19/06

Tonight I prepare for my 3rd trip out of Australia! I’m just so excited to finally go to Singapore, and it couldn’t have come at a better time too. I’ve been looking forward to this trip all semester. This trip will be a new experience for me since it’s for both education and leisure. The timing of this trip was just perfect since it coincides with my girlfriend’s trip to Singapore as well. So at least I won’t have any trouble with securing cheap accommodation, all she asks is that I cook breakfast which is good, since it’s the only thing I can cook well.

The place I am looking forward to the most is the NUS Graphene Research Centre. The reason for this is because I wanted to study nanotechnology after watching a documentary on this wonder material. It will be very interesting to see this facility and what the nano-world has to offer the world at large.

I’ll have about a week before my study tour in Singapore officially starts, so in the mean time I’m taking a nice and relaxing holiday with my girlfriend. Since she grew up here this will give me the chance to be more comfortable in a strange new place and culture with which I’m am totally alien to.