Preperation and tranzit.

I have been overseas a few times now, mostly to New Zealand. I have also been to Germany (and surrounding countries) and India with stopovers in South Korea and Singapore respectively.
By now i have done more travel than most and am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given.
My last encounter with Singapore was a few hours of dosing off in an airport lounge, so I expect this to be very different.
I expect Singapore to be a melting pot of many cultures with the main ethnic groups being Malay, Indian, and Chinese.

After finishing my last exam yesterday, (24th June) I was in a hurry to have everything organized by tonight (25th). The excitement of traveling has been building since the day before with the realization that it is actually happening now.
My preparation was standard packing for hot weather, except this is the first time I’m traveling with a suit and laptop.

After saying goodbye to my loved ones. I entered the secure zone for which they could not follow, I always get nervous about going through security checkpoints as I know I have nothing prohibited but am worried that I may have forgotten about something.
For the first time I was not randomly swabbed for substances. It must be the lack of facial hair and my nice jacket.
As I check through immigration, the dazzle of duty free bombards me with their product and prices. Being a watch man, I like to take some time and observe the beautiful and completely overpriced watches for which I would need to take out a mortgage just to consider buying one.
Waiting at the gate to board the plane, watching everyone line up before the gate even opens. I prefer to sit and relax until the line is small, we are all going to get on the flight eventually. I feel the rush of excitement of starting another adventure.

After the 8 and a half hour flight, the last thing I wanted was complications with my connection to Singapore. While in a queue trying to figure out why my flight was not displayed, I meet another Australian who from Brisbane just finished his degree and was traveling to London to meet up with his friends.
I was relieved to know that my gate was only a short train trip to the next building where I arrived as boarding commenced. From what I understand, Singapore is strong and ahead in regards to science and business with the national university of Singapore recently being ranked number one in the Asian region for science.
As with all of my other trips I believe that this experience will allow me to grow and mature as an adult, with the opportunities to learn life lessons right in front of me, I am going to take them.