I was wrong.

I was wrong. I do not say it often, however given my initial opinions of Singapore it is fairly obvious that I was completely off in my assumptions. Singapore while being extremely urbanised has a much larger amount of vegetation than any Australian city that I have visited. It does have a large amount of multi-level buildings and it does have vast motorways but in every possible space they can there are trees, grass and bushes. It truly is an inspiration to see how the city planners have managed to incorporate the vegetation into the landscape.
I visited the Funan shop today and in my travels most of the things I saw were either expected or understandable. I was walking around the town and there were small things that are different to home but they were small and could have occurred in northern Australia. Some small changes were the heat/humidity which could have been experienced in northern Australia, the amount of small shops could be found in china town, and the large amount of buildings again could have been experienced in the city. The small things that really made me stop and realize is was in a completely different culture were the things that you don’t expect, the things that don’t even register when you search Singapore on sites, or when you talk to friends, those things were the clothes that were on poles hung out the windows on the 20th story, the 10cm black butterfly, the different colour taxis. These small things that are mostly overlooked are the things that surprised me the most. The big things about the culture, food and country you can read about however nothing can prepare you for every little detail that actually being in the country provides. It is amazing being in a  different country and words and pictures alone cannot convey the sheer experience of another nation.