Before the flight

Due to my flight to Singapore was close to my last exam, my main focus recently has been on studying. I expect that I can pack most of my things in a day or two. In preparation for the trip, I have organised to stay with a friend at his hotel, as I’m not really comfortable staying by myself in a foreign place I’m not used to. As for flights, I’m flying with Singapore airlines; I’ve flown with them before so I know the flight won’t be too bad.

The only overseas countries I’ve been to before is Singapore and Jakarta. While I was in Singapore I stayed at the Singapore sports school, which gave me a little insight as to what the culture and weather is like there. From what I experienced at Singapore sports school, I’m expecting NUS to be a little similar, just less sport focused though. I remember Singapore being very warm and humid, lots of green everywhere  due to the amount of trees and plants, and very clean, so I’m expecting to see the similar things this time I go over.

I’m fairly nervous about going on this trip, although very excited at the same time.