Arrival in Singapore

I arrived in Singapore on Thursday the 26th in the afternoon. Originally I was going to catch a taxi to the accommodation, but I made plans with Norton for him to meet me at the train station which was good as it saved me a lot of money instead of getting a taxi. Getting off the plane, I found the weather was warmer than I remembered, which is probably due to me having spent most my time in air-conditioned places when I was here last.

After catching a train in Singapore, I was surprised as to how well the train system works over here, compared to trains in Melbourne. They’re on time, easy to navigate, they have lights on a map inside the train which tell you the station you’re at as well as the stations coming up, and the ez-link cards, which are the equivalent of myki cards, work extremely well. The only thing I don’t like is the metal bars being a bit too low,  if I’m not careful I will hit my head on them.