First trip to Asia

So tonight is my last night before I depart for my first time in Asia, and first time in Singapore and only my second time outside of Australia. Unlike any other time I have travelled a great distance, this will be the longest distance I will have ever travelled for educational purposes and not for leisure. Not entirely sure what to expect although from reading some of the other blog posts by my fellow study tourers I think I can expect to find a city with much cleaner streets than what you would consider Melbourne or Sydney to be, something I consider to be rather impressing and yet disheartening that my own country does not maintain the same standards of cleanliness.

I am particularly excited for our visit to Fusionworld/Fusionopolis in the second week, which was described to us during the meeting on Tuesday as being a sort of “science city”, which has put the image in my head of what perhaps we might envision the cities and societies of a more scientifically and technologically advanced futuristic earth may look like in developed countries in the coming decades, one where the advancement of our scientific knowledge is one of the primary focuses of such a society, where scientific literacy is not something held by but a few of the more well educated citizens, but is one where everyone has a good general understanding of science and recognises its importance.

Not particularly looking forward to the heat, I prefer the cold as it is easier to get warm in the cold than it is to get cool during the heat. although my spirits have been somewhat lifted when I checked the weather forecast for Singapore and it is expecting rain for almost the entire first week, granted there is still going to be a top of 32 degrees each of those days, nonetheless I find it preferable to scorching hot direct sunlight every day. hopefully we will be spending the majority of our time in places that are well air-conditioned so the heat won’t be too much of a bother, id hate to be dressing well by wearing long pants to make a good presentation of myself only to be sweating like a pig and smelling like body-odour from the heat.

all in all though I am really looking forward to this trip.