New horizons

The past few years has seen software hubs (Silicon Valleys, if you will) sprouting all across the globe, with the Silicon Roundabout (Kings Cross, London) and India’s Silicon Valley (Bangalore) sending the software engineering sector of their respective nations into high gear- key to maintaining the robustness of their economies. Yesterday afternoon I visited Block 71 to observe how NUS is forging a bright startup future from the ashes of a former industrial estate; as I walked down corridors, peering into offices and poring over lists of companies, I soaked up the atmosphere of the startups around me. Building companies and worlds from nothing, as Google and No Man’s Sky have done and are doing, has always been something I have admired and wanted to do. Passing the workspaces of eager young developers (many of whom were still beavering away, on an otherwise lazy Saturday afternoon), I realised why I love coding, what makes these driven individuals work 90 hour weeks and what it has in common with the allure of the practice of science (which brought me to nanotechnology)- it is, to me, more a matter of expression than it is of work. With that thought in mind, I made my way back to UTown past Fusionopolis, wondering which of the brave ventures might one day join Redmond, Mountain View and Cupertino on the world stage.
Afterwards, Eli and I headed out to Chinatown to sample the local fare (roast duck, in this case) and found ourselves searching high and low for Smith Street Taps (which, so we had heard, served exceptional craft beer)- as it turns out, we did not search high enough (given the crowded street, our eyes were trained on the crowd and shopfronts, not on the giant, all but blinking 335 inscribed high on the façade of our target). There, we discovered a Belgian Lambic apple beer (as it turns out, spontaneous fermentation beers were quite common in ancient times)- far better than apple cider and extremely drinkable (a shame about the sin taxes).
Tonight, we’re headed out for crepes in Little India :D.